Calendar and Fee

The course Fee, payment method and education calendar of the course are shown in Table:  


 Course name




Starting date


 Ending date

 Course Fee for individual candidate



 Apply date


M.Sc. in Geoinformation Science & Earth Observation with specialization in Geoinformatics





 Sep 2018

 May 2020

Open (Rials)

 Foreign (€)


Total Fee (€)











 250,000,000 payable at K.N.Toosi

 5840   payable at K.N.Toosi



 Feb 2018



 ITC Fee Euro 4846 (tuition fee) PLUS Euro 4110 (living allowance & another cost for 4.5 months stay in The Netherlands) payable to ITC.


 To and from air travel to visit ITC (to be borne by student).



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